Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Building Bones Takes More Than Calcium

That's right...we've all heard about bone loss, but did you realize that it's possible to "build" our bone strength? Please read on.

More than just an accumulation of calcium, bone is living collagen tissue that collects minerals of all kinds; not just calcium but magnesium, phosphorous. Other than nerve cells, every other cell in your body has a life cycle. What does the bone cell life cycle look like? An osteoblast, or OB cell, inside the bone lays down a new collagen matrix that builds new bone cells. The OB's partners, the osteoclast cells (OCs), work in conjunction with the OBs and clean up all the dead, diseased, injured or damaged bone cells. (TriVita-Your Business @ Home Vol 2 Issue 4)

Here's the kicker...before the age of 30 we have more bone-building (osteoblast cells/OBs) than the bone-removing (osteoclast cells/OCs) take away. By 40 it's no longer a toss up...the bone-builders are being "beaten" up by the bone takers and that rate continues to increase. Soon, the range is about 1000 cells made to 5000 taken can see why we might have the problems we have with osteoporosis and bone breakage as we get older.

But here's the good news!

There are bone building products/supplements out there that contain something called tryptamine. This is the normal signal to your "building cells" (osteoblast cells/OBs) to start building again. It's important to find the right combination of ingredients in your supplements. We don't just need calcium to build our bones....we need calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and, that all important, tryptamine. Check with your health care professionals or supplement specialists to find the "right stuff". You can also use the link/s above to read more about the Bone Builder.

It's time to start taking care of ourselves! Let's do it the right way with the proper supplements. We're worth it!

To your health and success,

Colleen Gainey

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Colleen Gainey
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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

When Beauty is a Heartbeat Away!

Are you missing the beauty that is all around you? Have you taken the time to look and see what is happening right next to you? Maybe you're just too stressed or busy to take that time...maybe it's something else.

Click "When Beauty is a Heartbeat Away!" above. The title link will take you to a new beginning of wellness. Start with the 10 Essentials of Healthy Living and find out how the wellness journey begins.

Take one step at a time and live each moment with meaning. God has given us purpose and meaning. Let's not waste it...let's move forward, not only to health and success, but to a life change that will push us forward in joy, peace, and yes, victory!

When beauty is a heartbeat away. on Twitpic

To your health and success,


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