Wednesday, August 5, 2009

When Beauty is a Heartbeat Away!

Are you missing the beauty that is all around you? Have you taken the time to look and see what is happening right next to you? Maybe you're just too stressed or busy to take that time...maybe it's something else.

Click "When Beauty is a Heartbeat Away!" above. The title link will take you to a new beginning of wellness. Start with the 10 Essentials of Healthy Living and find out how the wellness journey begins.

Take one step at a time and live each moment with meaning. God has given us purpose and meaning. Let's not waste it...let's move forward, not only to health and success, but to a life change that will push us forward in joy, peace, and yes, victory!

When beauty is a heartbeat away. on Twitpic

To your health and success,


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