Saturday, April 16, 2011

Thought I Would Add a Post...

Hi everyone...this has been a very stagnate blog for a very long time.

I had tried, unsuccessfully, to grow a business using the social marketing media. There are those that have been successful, but as I began to think about it...I realized that if only 3% of the people who "join" me in my business venture are could I, in good faith, invite them to invest their money with me? 

I mean, think about it...what venture would you invest in if you knew that there was a 97% failure rate!!?

As I came to the realization that, for me, it was morally and ethically, wrong to try and convince, encourage, or otherwise cajole someone into a business I knew was most likely destined to failure...I withdrew...

I'll keep this blog running, but now under the guys of sharing life, love, faith, and healthy eating with you...Sound like a deal? Great...then onward and upward!

I will most likely start a little Etsy Shop or something...but with regards to network's over...

Blessings to you!


  1. goodluck to your business! thanks for visiting and commenting on my site :)

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  3. Hello, I look forward to your future post. It was so nice of you to visit and follow my blog. I have been trying to find Christian Women with blogs. I hope you have a nice day. Blessings to you.