Friday, September 23, 2011


What is the meaning of patriotism according to the dictionary?  It's the "love for or the devotion to ones country". 

So what has happened to our patriotism?  When did it fall away, get lost...all but disappear?  I believe it happens just as it happens with our Christian faith.  It's small steps at first.  We hurry off to work or school before we say a prayer; we cease to open God's Word on a daily basis; the world infiltrates our lives more that God is allowed in.

So it is with patriotism...first we remove it from home and schools.  We forget to share what it costs to be free.  We forget that men and women have died for this flag, this country, and this way of life.

Can you join me in bringing, both, a revival to our Christian walk, as well as, a revival to our patriotism back?  Starting with us, in our homes, communities, and lives.  Let's begin anew to read God's precious Word, to share it with our children and grandchildren...let's begin anew to revive the patriotism we seem to have lost over the generations that have past.

God bless you and God bless this great country!

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  1. Hi there Colleen, No matter where we live - it is important to show love our country and our wonderful God and Saviour, Shaz in oz.x