Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Gift of Color

I thought I would share some of my favorite Etsy picks in shades of Aqua. One of the greatest gifts that we receive from our Lord is the gift of color. Think of's only for our enjoyment that color has been created. We are "Wowed" by the gorgeous sunrises and sunsets...we are struck with awe at the trees during the fall and we can't help but gape with wonder at the beauty of creation.

Thank you Lord for giving us the colors to make our eyes see with new life and dream with new dreams.


  1. Ah, so very very lovely, I love aqua, Colleen, - the colour of the sea and the creek as I go for a walk of the butterflies called blue Sailors here in Oz and the colour of my nieces blue blue eyes all remind me of our dear LORD. And as I read your post Colleen I thought of my very dear aunty Helen who has just been diagnosed legally blind due to a clot in her optic nerve and she had had the same thing happen in the other eye fourteen years ago.
    The saddest thing is that I do not think she knows the LORD as her own Saviour, so I pray for her in it all it must be so very hard,
    God bless,
    Shaz in Oz x

  2. Lovely collection of aqua goodies! I'm stopping over from the MM FB page to say hello and follow.

  3. Colleen you are so right about this and every color being a gift from God! What a great collage of beautiful things! Do you use pinterest yet? If not I will get you an invite. Crafts, recipes, and all things beautiful right at your fingertips without much searching and then right on your own boards so you don't clutter your favorites w links!!! Thank you for visiting my blog!